Transposition of shape and color, from static materials to the versatility of excellent fabrics that become wearable art.

This is VIVI L’ARTE.

Luisa and Viviana, creators of the brand, are constantly inspired by the artistic passion that unites them, through which they give life to tailored garments with an exclusive character. Artists and stylists, their paintings appear among the folds of fabrics and give scenarios in movement where the purity of the lines becomes the passe-partout for a perfect balance of style. The Vivi L'Arte philosophy is a 24-hour fashion, perfect for any occasion. Versatile, refined and sparkling, sophisticated or light garments with a simple change of combinations or dedicated accessories, also conceived in exclusivity. Both Haute couture and prêt-à-porter, exclusively made in Italy, are aimed at a dynamic woman with character, with an eclectic and strong personality that wants to stand out with quality. A femininity that is not satisfied and that makes color a strong point, of lines a way of being, of detail, of difference. Customized luxury is essential for a personalization aimed at satisfying the silhouettes and style of every woman, even the most demanding.

The concept of moving art shines through every single garment, where every shade, every finish, every fold, every sparkle is the result of love, dedication and work. In the prêt-à-porter line, the "Wearable Art" capsules are present in each collection, where the works of art by the designers are reproduced on fabric, giving life to exclusive items embellished with Swarovski and precious stones. Not only clothes, but also accessories, bags, bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets created with the same philosophy.

Refinement and energy animate the personalities of Luisa and Viviana, creators of an exciting mix for a brand of character and timeless.

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